Author: Kevin S

What did you bring to Kung Fu today?

Kung Fu, like every martial art is a combination of physical fitness and physical training.  The sales pitch here is easy and most of us were excited by it.  It’s KUNG FU!   No really, it’s like getting a personal trainer and coach with your gym membership at a bargain price.  Yes, it does cost more than the standard gym membership, but it is a fraction of the cost of that personal trainer you’d love to have with you at the gym.  What are you learning?  Muscular coordination, self-defense, self-confidence, etc.  However, so much of what you take from it will depend on what you bring with you to Kung Fu each time. So what do I mean by “What did you bring…”?  Baggage is the short answer.  In the ocean travel/shipping industry, there is unwanted baggage called a “blue alien”.  These aliens are fish and microorganisms that attach themselves to the ship, the cargo or the catch along their journey and then invade the destination where there may be no natural predators or defenses to such an invasion.  Some well known invasions of history are the snake fish that currently “walks” long distances of land between bodies of water and then wiping out the native fish species in each body, the boa constrictors that currently inhabit the Florida Everglades region and have grown many feet beyond their original size...

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Happy Pills

Our happy-ness is so conditional in our busy lives.  I would be happy if I only had more money, more free time, a person to share my life with, something to eat, some place to go, and so on.  Think to your own experiences and you’ll know that in some way, we all crave fulfillment and it does result in some amount of unhappiness to think that what we do and the people and things around us are not actively making us happy. Read that last segment again:  “… not actively making us happy.”  Whether we like it or not, there is the primitive person inside of us that manages our attention similar to that of a toddler who must be entertained at all times, lest he or she get into some manner of trouble.  To that point, many great theories about our attention have been generated such as those who structured Sesame Street or magazine learning, assuming that attention spans were ridiculously short and must be constantly fed with stimulation or those who structured Blue’s Clues or repetitive learning, assuming that attention spans were amazingly complex and that learning is developed through repetition and altered approaches. In either case, fulfillment and happiness tend to be fed similarly over time.  So what does that have to do with Kung Fu?  A lot actually.  We will not do something long-term...

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