Kung Fu Insights is fan site.  We’re fans of Maury’s Kung Fu in Worcester, MA and the greater Shaolin Kung Fu Centers.  So, we created this site to show off our school and share insights about Kung Fu & Tai Chi.  This site is created by the students, not the owner of this school.

We may post any modest thoughts, reflections, reports, notes, or possibly anything related to Kung Fu.  Here, you’ll find an emphasis on Hua Quan Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Yang Style Tai Chi.  We are enthusiasts of these forms of martial arts, not agents of our schools.  Our goal is to document our learning and to develop a social platform to reach out to the greater kung fu community in the world.

The information contained herein are our own opinions and do not necessarily represent those of our teachers… Although it would be kinda cool if we could synch up with them online on this little internet project.  😉

Kung Fu Insights is developed and maintained by Matt Simpson, student at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers / Maury’s Kung Fu in Worcester, MA. If you have any interest in becoming a writer here, please contact him.

You can find him usually at the adults classes, busy learning and having a great time. On kids night, he’s normally in the parent gallery, watching his son Daniel (or lately, downstairs practicing his forms).

See also – Photo Credits for references of photos used in this site.