This is the ability to not give up and truly believe you will eventually get it. You just have to stick with it long enough to get it. Everyone started exactly where you are today, as a beginner. Even your Sifu was a beginner at one time and had to learn the same lessons you are trying to learn today. Many times the lessons for them were much harder because they had to figure it out on their own.

There is a formula for success called the three C’s. The three C’s stands for
Commitment – Consistency – Camaraderie.

To be successful, you must make a personal COMMITMENT to yourself and your training. You need to dediicate some personal time at home to review what you are trying to learn in class to determine what you remember. At first it might be a little frustrating because you will not remember much but this will sharpen your memory muscles and over time you will start remembering more. This leads to CONSISTENCY. You must have the ability to keep regular class attendance, even when challenges make it difficult to get to class. Through regular practice your body will adapt to the exercises and drills. Slowly your endurance and strength will increase making classes easier. You will start to notice incredible changes, as your attitude starts improving, your physical health starts improving, your concentration improves and you start to feel like you are slowly getting control of the stresses in your life. This will help you stay on track with regular class attendance. The final C, CAMARADERIE, having a mutual trust and friendship among your peers, since you will be spending a lot of time together. There is no ‘lone ranger’ in kung fu, your success lies in being part of the learn.