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What’s in Your Rank

Shaolin Kung Fu Centers posted a very nice note regarding the way an ideal kung fu students looks at their training and their rank.  It’s worth taking a few moments to read this carefully and reflect on our own thoughts...

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Happy Pills

Our happy-ness is so conditional in our busy lives.  I would be happy if I only had more money, more free time, a person to share my life with, something to eat, some place to go, and so on.  Think to your own experiences and...

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Push Hands & Character

Here’s a two-for-one special bonus in this video.  Not only do we get an awesome display of push hands techniques & tai chi applications, but if we listen to the commentary, we get a wonderful lesson on character in...

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What’s In Your Rank

It is said that the greatest value one can attain in kung fu training is “The will to exert and strive hard without stopping at anything.” Through the conditioning of your body, you discipline your mind and gain a...

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