The Shaolin Kung Fu Centers / Maury’s Kung Fu Academy participated in the Combined Kenpo Martial Art Association, Tournament XXII (November 2011, Concord, NH).

Shaolin Kung Fu Centers - November, 2011 - Concord, NH

Chapter 1 – Sifu Gary Lachapelle

This tournament was very special for the students at Maury’s Kung Fu, because we were privileged to see our Sifu Gary Lachapelle perform & compete.

Perhaps one of the most fundamental events for our school during the whole day was Sifu’s performance of Hua Quan, First Spear Set, during the Grand Championship Forms event.

Hua Quan, First Spear Set

However, the day didn’t start with the Grand Championships. That happened at the end of the day, after the tallys of the day came in. Sifu’s day started with an open hand form, showing the Bak Mei Style of Kung Fu, during his open hand form division (Black Belt 30 Thru 39Yrs, Male)…

Bak Mei Style

We rarely get to spar with Sifu ourselves. But to see him spar in a tournament… Well… After training with him for 2 years, I’ve never seen it before… And no other black sash in our school, except for his daughter, has ever seen it. So we were all excited to see him put the gloves back on and get into the ring.

Sparring, Round 1

But the action and the epic drama didn’t stop there. Not only was it epic to see our Sifu compete… But to think that maybe some day one of us would face him in the ring… Think about it. What would it be like if you got to face your Sifu in a sparring match in a major tournament? Well, our senior student, Sihing Benjie, was honored with such an opportunity.

Sifu & Sihing competed with each other for 1st & 2nd place in their division, Black Belt 30 Thru 39 Yrs at the Combined Kenpo Martial Art Association, Tournament XXII (November 2011)

Sparring, Sifu & Most Senior Student Compete for 1st & 2nd

And so ends our first chapter of videos. We featured Sifu Gary first. Now lets move along to…

Chapter 2 – Sihing Benjie

Sihing Benjie is our school’s most senior student. And in that role, he’s always setting a standard that we all suffer and merely dream to achieve. Watch the stances in his performance of Pao Chin Chuan and see why.

Sihing Benjie – Pao Chin Chuan

Double Sticks is one of Sihing’s favorite weapons forms. I’ve seen him perform it many times in tournament. Each time it looks awesome!

Sihing Benjie – Double Sticks

Sihing loves to spar. And he loves to kick!

Sihing Benjie – Sparring

And so ends chapter 2, Sihing Benjie at the Tournament.

Chapter 3 – Sije Cheyenne

Sije is always amazing to watch when she spars. He flexibility, speed, experience, and precision makes her a dynamo against any opponent.

Sije Cheyenne – Sparring

If you followed the videos in our prior tournament, you’ve seen Sije perform Huan Quan. Today, however, she competed in the Grand Championships with this form.

Sije Cheyenne – Hua Quan

And so ends Chapter 3, Sije Cheyenne.

Stay tuned to this page for videos of Eliot, Nick, Kevin, Rob, and even myself (Matt).