• We are students of a traditional Northern Long-Fist Kung Fu style – Hua Quan (pronounced “wah chwan“)
  • Hua Quan has two meanings to the name.  Literally it is translated as “Glorious Boxing” or “Glorious Fist” or “Glorious Hand.”  It is also is the name for the Kung Fu that comes from the Mount Hua area in China (Fist from Mount Hua).  Hua Mountain’s name also means glorious mountain.  Thus, Hua Quan the Kung Fu that comes from Mount Hua, is the Glorious Hand / Fist / Boxing.
  • Like the other “mountain” styles Hua has had many influences and is more obviously an amalgamation of many fists, rather than one. A highly sophisticated style with many, many sets the old saying went that if you knew “the Hua 48 sets, you could go anywhere under Heaven.”
  • It is one of the most traditional styles of Kung Fu, dating back centuries.  It has not a younger branch or style that originated more-recently from other styles.  Instead, it is thought that a number of other styles of Kung Fu originated by taking components from Hua or by branching off from Hua.
Hua Quan icon
Photo of Hua Mountain, China - Hua Shan
  • Hua Shan (Glorious Mountain) is a mountain in Shan Xi province – one of the four major martial arts mountains in Chinese history: Song Shan (Shaolin), Er Mei, Wu Tang and Hua Shan.
  • Before styles were named from people or mythical creatures, The region it came from was one of the few ways to classify martial arts. Since all Kung Fu was originally just Kung Fu people would distinguish methods by such names as “Wei Boxing” or “Ji Boxing”: that is, where method originated. Mountains (shan) were particularly important and there are a number of them famous for spawning Kung Fu styles. These include: Song Shan (Shaolin Styles), Er Mei Shan, Tian Shan, Kun Lun region, Wu Dang region, Tian (Heaven) Shan and Hua Shan.

Hua Mountain style is also typical in that among older Kung Fu styles it can be a specific and a generic name. The Hua style originally was a number of methods all centered around the region itself. From there it spread out and eventually became named as a specific style: HUA Boxing.