Local artist, Keenan Cassidy, completed a new painting, named Koi.  Check out his blog post about this piece.

Keenan Cassidy with his new work, Koi, along side his clients

Matt, Keenan, Sifu Gary, and Daniel with Koi

Keenan Cassidy, one of the kung fu students and recognized local artist, made a painting of koi fish for the school. Sifu had mentioned that it would be really cool to have a painting of yin-yang koi fish. Matt, another student, and parent of Daniel, was also interested in having a painting of koi fish in his home office.  So Keenan decided to donate one painting to the school and accept a commission to create the second painting for the home office.  Making it even more interesting, he opted to create a diptych, which  is a painting on multiple panels.

The piece turned out beautifully. As you can see, one of the panels has a pair.  The other has a single, but larger, koi.  Keenan describes it as…

“A layered and fun artwork featuring koi fish lost in very Worcester-esque green waters… a diptych consisting of two 15″ x 30″ canvases.”  See Keenan’s Blog.

Koi, by Keenan Cassidy

Koi, by Keenan Cassidy (two panels together)

The double koi now reside in the school, in Worcester, MA, on the wall adjacent to the parent’s gallery.  The single koi is presented in Matt’s home office in Shrewsbury, MA.

“It is nice to be able to look up on the wall during the word day and experience a connection to the school,” said Matt, as he was being interviewed by this author (who just so happens to also be Matt, lol.)

Photograph of the single Koi panel on Matts office wall

single Koi on Office Wall