In the New Year, many people will begin or resume their training with a new level of commitment.  The New Year is another occasion to try again.

And it’s important to avoid putting too much stock in magical thinking.  Have you ever met someone who is waiting for that all-important condition to be met before doing what they want to do?

Stop smoking, exercise, lose weight, stop drinking, eat more healthily, drop sweets, write, work, clean, organize… You name it.  The list never ends.

And it’s a small bit of magical thinking that says that these things can’t be done until: the new year, the new job, the new health club opens, the new exercise machine is purchased, the bottle is empty, the pack runs out, the sweets are all gone from the kitchen, etc. etc. etc.

And we all secretly know that waiting for these special conditions just doesn’t work.  We don’t change our ways of doing things until we personally want to do things differently… Until the act of not changing is more uncomfortable than the act of changing… Until our DESIRE for the new changed state is stronger that our desire to stay the same.

Kung Fu is about continuous improvement.  Improvement that doesn’t stop.  It’s about ongoing persisting and practicing.

And it’s about starting no matter how introductory you are.

I once told myself for many years that I would exercise alone and get myself into condition, and THEN join group exercise, such as martial arts.

And then a wise Sifu told me that Kung Fu isn’t what you do after you’re fit enough to do it.  It’s what you do in order to become fit.  You don’t become fit and then do Kung Fu.  Instead, you become fit through Kung Fu.

There is no magical time which is best to begin.

The best time is now.  If not now, then you’re not doing it.  Don’t miss out on what you want to do.

Come and do what you want to do.

Of course this is what you want to do.

Why else would you have read this far?

From this perspective, the fact that it just so happens to be New Years, is a mere coincidence.