“My kids have grown so much since starting this school. Great teacher and a great atmosphere. Strong focus on respect, discipline, and ancient art of Kung Fu. We love this school!”

Lopez Family

photo of kids in class
photo of tai chi in park

“The best! – Great stress relief ! Great for your mental and physical health. Not to mention probably the best and most patient teacher around!”

TBO Creations in Millbury, MA

“I am so happy that I have joined Maurys’ Kung Fu Academy. I was reluctant to sign up because of my age (44). I met Sifu Gary and was really impressed by his professionalism, but at the same time how friendly and personable he was / is.   I have been training there for (9) months. The training is challenging (in a very good way) but you are never compared as to what YOU can do to what other people are doing or can do. If you are looking for an instructor (Sifu) who barks out orders and DEMANDS results, then Maurys’ Kung Fu Academy is not for you. If you wish to learn the HIGHEST quality of Kung FuKung Fu in a friendly (but certainly not a playground, far from it) environment with a Sifu who will assist you with reaching your goals, come on down!  By the way, the students are real friendly and helpful. They make you feel real welcome from the first day on. My youngest son (who is 9) has also joined and LOVES it!”


class group photo
Image of Sihing Benjie

“Good people, great atmosphere, awesome workout! Not only do you leave the classes drenched from the cardio and kicking/striking drills while learning one of the original kung fu styles from China – you also will be laughing the whole time. Best stress reliever out there. I love it!”

Pedro B. (Sihing Benjie)

“It doesn’t get any better than this…. – In all honesty, this school is awesome! Sifu Gary is the most patient instructor there ever will be! Especially with the kids. Kung Fu is hard work and there is no one better to get you through it than a TRUE SIFU! If you put in the effort, Sifu puts in the time! Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself!”

A Humble Student

photo of winners

“I have been here for 5 years and it is a very good school, great teachers, and friends. Everything Sifu said is true.  It builds self confidence and all the attributes for leaders.  Even if you have never done any martial arts or have previous experience, come & join.  It’s a great school!!”

Sihing Tian

“My time here has been absolutely, amazing! I’ve been a student here for 10 years now and have never had a real desire to quit. I am also the teachers daughter. I know you may think I’m in Kung Fu because “he says so” but its not the case at all. being here is all my choice and I don’t regret one bit of it. Without Kung Fu, I would never be near I am now, mentally nor physically. Kung Fu is a great to stay in shape, and to help keep your mind balanced and “trained”. It’s also certainly not your stereotypical strict dojo, wear there are no smiles or laughs allowed. We are a very unique “KWOON” were laughs and smiles are required. And don’t get me started on the environment! The people, the school itself, the teacher, its all a HUGE part of the reason myself, and many others stick around in this school. Everyone’s so kind and helpful/respectful, its amazing. It’s kinda funny because I’ve been here so long that I’ve seen people come in who start off with absolutely no respect or confidence at all, and after being here for even just a few months he/she turned into the most helpful student of them all. All in all, this place is the funhouse of Kung Fu. It’s awesome and its highly recommended for any potential joiners! I LOVE KUNG FUUUUUUUU!!!!!! [:)]”

Sije Cheyenne L.

“The Best Martial Arts School Out There. – I have been going to the school for few years now and I have loved every second of it. I have taken other styles of martial arts before and this school tops them all in friendliness, beauty, effectiveness, and fun. Sifu Gary makes martial arts fun wile still keeping the traditional feel of a kung fu school alive. I’m proud to be one of his students and hope that I can one day have studied this art as much as he has. This school is a family school, friendly, and in my opinion the best martial arts school out there!”

Samuel Hart in Charlton, MA

“You will love our Sifu!  He is really funny and good with kids. If your looking for place to learn good hardcore kung fu and tai chi, then this is your place!”

Nori, in Worcester, MA

“Maury’s is wonderful. – I have been attending Maury’s off and on for a year now, as my school schedule allows. I have enjoyed it every step of the way. The people are great, helpful, and courteous. It’s a fabulous work out and it’s easier to get into than just going to the gym. Sifu Gary is wonderful as are his wife and daughter that help with the school. I couldn’t ask for a better first experience with martial arts.”


“I was there for like 4 years….moved, and now moving back and making sure I will be attending classes ASAP !! They are family!!! Great people all around”

Little White Broad

“The Great Opportunities at Maurys Kung Fu Academy – I am a student at Maurys Kung Fu and it really is great to be there. The other students are all friendly and respectful to one another. The classes are really a great way to learn kung fu, get an intense workout, and being able to learn self-defense techniques. The school overall has a very pleasant atmosphere with a great Sifu who is kind, patient, and is always willing to help you out. Maurys Kung Fu is a great place to learn kung fu.”

Danny D. In Holden, MA

“My son and I have been students here for nearly 6 years and are huge fans of this excellent school. This is definitely one of Worcester’s hidden gems! With vast knowledge, experience, and a great personality, Sifu Gary and his team of coaches make learning and training fun!”

Matt Simpson, Shrewsbury MA

“Sifu Gary – Maurys Kung Fu has helped me to provide an excellent starting point for my daughter to learn self discipline. Living in the city makes it hard to teach your child this concept when there is so much anger around. I am pleased with the teachings of the school and look forward to many more years.”

Michele in Worcester, MA

“I have been practicing martial arts for over seventeen years. I am a first degree black belt in Isshin Ryu Karate, a second degree black belt in I.T.F. Tae Kwon Do, and also have extensive experience in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu, Kali Silat, Chinese American Goju Ryu, Systema, Konigun Ninjutsu, and others…  That being said, when I moved to Worcester just over a year ago and began my search for a martial arts school, I had the experience to be able to tell the good schools from the bad. Out of all the places I’ve trained and the instructors who’ve taught me, this is easily one of, if not THE best school. Sifu Gary at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers (also known as Maury’s Kung Fu) is a top tier martial arts instructor. His relaxed and friendly attitude may seem surprising considering his skill both as a martial artist and as an instructor. There is a high level of personal attention given to each student, and Sifu’s ability to teach people in a way that suits their style of learning have helped me to progress further in the past several months than I did in years preceding. Besides the excellent instruction, the school itself is wonderful. The students are friendly and welcoming. The school is spacious and well-maintained, and the tuition is much more reasonable than most schools in the area, especially considering the quality of the instruction. I cannot say enough positive things about this business. It’s a hidden gem in Worcester, and if you’re looking for martial arts instruction for yourself or a family member, you would be doing yourself a favor to enroll.”

Sihing Eliot

“I have been taking classes at Maury’s Kung Fu for almost a year and I have really enjoyed my time. The workout is great, you leave feeling like you have worked every muscle in your body. The people are friendly and supportive, making the expereince that much better. I look forward to many more great classes in the future.”


Justin, in Worcester MA

“Shaolin Kung Fu Centers provides the best work out, weight loss, self defense, & martial arts experience in the Boston Metro West / Worcester area. I’ve been to Bally’s and gone through the circuit training and aerobics there. And I’ve been to other health clubs. I’ve tried weight lifting, volleyball, walking, jogging, and biking. However, none of those activities gave me such a well-rounded experience as kung fu and tai chi within a light-hearted, friendly school where the teacher’s got a great sense of humor and extremely in-depth experience and knowledge. There is no question I can’t ask which he can’t answer, and answer in such a way that I truly understand and improve my skills. At the end of class, you’re surprised it’s already over. At those other places, I used to watch the clock and wonder if it was almost over. This school is great for weight loss. In my past, I bought a Bow Flex, thinking I’d make myself like that guy in the commercials. I’m sure I would be like that guy, if I’d only stick to it. But who wants to pump iron alone, and only pump iron? Today, that tread mill sits in the corner of my bedroom and used to dry my laundry on. People don’t do things if they don’t enjoy doing them. I bought a $4000 heavy-duty health-club-grade treadmill thinking that I’d be able to jog throughout the seasons, no matter what the weather. I’d become a great runner or walker and be lean and fit using the treadmill. However, I found that the thing was noisy. I couldn’t use it in the morning while my wife was sleeping. I didn’t like running on that treadmill, staring at the wall, alone for even a half hour. Now it just sits in the corner collecting dust. People don’t do things if they don’t enjoy doing them. Instead of doing all that exercise, despite all the best intentions and New Year’s resolutions, I gained weight for 15 years of inactivity (mid 20s through early 40s.) Thank goodness for Kung Fu and Tai Chi at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers. After joining this school, within 6 months I lost 30 pounds. Mind you, that’s 30 pounds of near perminant weight. This is not the kind of weight that will easily rebound. I’m in a healthy zone now and can eat nearly whatever I want, drink whatever I want, and stay at the same weight. I simply burn it all off in my workouts. However, I do plan to continue to lose more. And as I continue to train, I can feel my muscle to fat ratio getting better and better. Fat is dropping. Lean muscle is increasing. My weight is the same. But that’s okay. Because my clothes are fitting very well. My flexibility and energy now is very good. I find myself doing things, already having started, instead of dreading things, wanting to relax instead of go. Things like climbing in and out of my car (or my pants) aren’t as huffy puffy. You know what I mean? I feel great inside my body, where I used to feel bloated and not good about myself.”

Sihing Matt

“I have been a student at this school for 2 years and can honestly say its one of the best places around. People go to class every day and leave happy with a feeling of accomplishment.Also the environment is wonderful and people always have a great time when they are there even if they have had a bad day. Any one can walk through the door and learn kung fu no matter the age or skill.”

Brian, in Worcester MA

“As a first time participant in ANY sort of martial arts I was welcomed into a very friendly environment with people I still keep in touch with despite my inability to continue at Maury’s due to my work schedule. Sifu Gary was very patient and very able to teach a full class and make sure that everyone understood what was going on. It covered different forms within the wide range of Kung Fu forms to make sure that every student was well rounded. It was a fabulous work out and I ALWAYS left class feeling like I had a good time and I had had a good workout. I would recommend Maury’s to anyone, young or old, because you’ll be welcomed and you’ll have a great time”

Rin, in Melville MA

“This will be my 3rd year at Maury’s Kung Fu and it is an awesome way to get fit, not just physically but mentally too. For Three years it has been a great time since day one and I recommend it to anyone and everyone that has enough determination to learn self discipline, Self Defense, just the hard work of staying fit.”

Tony D, in Spencer MA

“I walked into Maury’s Kung Fu Academy with only the movies as a reference to what the experience might be at a martial arts training facility. Right at the beginning I was welcomed by the school’s students, even though I was not a member. The instructor team was accommodating, friendly, and inspirational. The lesson was more than a workout. It included a sense family and unity, while identifying how the principles could be applied all aspects of life. I strongly recommend Maury’s Kung Fu Academy for the positive atmosphere, family orientation and educational opportunity with a good workout.”


“My children are students and have received the highest quality of martial arts education available. We researched all of the available martial arts and came to the conclusion that Kung Fu is simply perfect for helping children focus, concentrate and show respect to themselves and others. The actual training is fantastic, the faculty is advanced and professional and we saw results immediately with both boys!! Highly recommended!!!!!”

Sean Courtney, in Worcester, MA

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