There was once a child student who asked our Sifu what Tai Chi was, to which he replied, “Slow Kung Fu.”

Though he was joking at the time, Sifu was also speaking some basic truth about Tai Chi Chuan (or, taiji).  When you take kung fu and slow it down so that you can pay attention on your whole mind and body, so that you can study your movements deeply, so that it’s very open and easy for EVERYONE, you get Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Chuan is a great form of exercise for people of all ages.  It promotes wellness, relaxation, and balance.

“Tai Chi Chuan is many things to many people. To some, it is an esoteric, dreamlike ballet. Many believe it is a unique technique of health, consisting of nourishing exercises for developing peace and harmony in the mind and body, while to others it is a devastating martial art form.

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese practice that helps the student to discipline their mind and body, a slow relaxed motion of moving meditation that helps the student gain greater flexibility, strength, proper body alignment and balance. As the Tai Chi student learns to relax during practice, they begin to develop an awareness and control of their mind and body. Soon the Tai Chi student discovers that they create their own emotions and are responsible for their own actions.

We teach Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan created by Yang Lu Chan. According to the Chen family records, Yang learned Tai Chi Chuan from the creator Chen Wang Ting at the begining of the Ming Dynasty (1644 – 1912 AD) and softened the art by removing many of the more vigorous jumping tactics and stumping of the feet. His son, Yang Jian-Ho, later improved on the techniques for health by extending and expanding the movements into what is now called the “big style” of Tai Chi Chuan.” – For more information, see Tai Chi Style, at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers