On the last Saturday of April, at 10am local time worldwide, the World is invited to join in on massive Tai Chi  and Qigong teach-ins and exhibitions held in over 70 nations.  This educational event brings people together across ethnic, racial, religious, and geographic borders in a celebration of personal and global health & healing.  Its motto is “One World.  One  Breath.”

Harvard Health Publication has called Tai Chi “moving medication” for the all the myriad health issues it has been proven to help with.

Tai Chi &/or Qigong can:

  • Boost Immune Function
  • Increase Brain Size
  • Reduce Depression & Anxiety
  • Reduce or Eliminate Chronic Pain Issues
  • Dramatically Improve Balance, Dexterity, & Sports Performance
  • Prevent Colds & Flu
  • Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Reduce ADHD Symptoms
  • Improve Sleep, etc.


  • Sifu Gary Lachapelle – 508-793-2072
  • Laoshi Karim Ben-Saunders – 617-512-1063

Local Event

  • Saturday, April 27 – 10:00am
  • Elm Park, Worcester, MA
  • (corner of Park Ave & Highland St… South side of park)
  • (Plenty of parking street-side)

How to Join Us & Participate

  • It’s so easy.  Just go to Elm Park in Worcester that Saturday morning, around 9:45.  (Dress warm!  It might be cold.  Use layers.  Don’t forget sunscreen if it’s sunny & you’re bald like me.  Trust me on this one.)
  • Then look for the crowd of people milling around near the bridge on the South side of the park.
  • Kinda wander up and smile.  Say ‘hi.’  Stretch a little.  Sip your coffee.  And wait around until the leader starts doing the leadership thing.
  • Then just follow along.  It’s that easy.  Come join us.  It’s fun.  A beautiful experience that is definitely a story to share with friends & family.
  • By the way, bring your friends & family!  🙂

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